The perfect late summer lip

“The morning had dawned clear and cold, with a crispness that hinted at the end of summer.”

— George R.R. Martin, Game of Thrones

First, know that this post will contain affiliate links, and as I am required to tell you that I am biased… there ya go. But rest easy knowing that every time you click and purchase from a bloggers page, you make it possible for them to make a living bringing you the content you are looking for. Love and thanks XOXO

It’s that magical time of summer in Easton, PA when the breeze is just cool enough to keep you from sweating your makeup off the second you step outside. Your tan is perfect. You barely need bronzer, but you put it on anyway. Colorful EVERYTHING is still in style and flowers are printed EVERYWHERE. It is a Monday night in late summer and the kids are away, so of course you are headed out and about in the artisanal and somewhat hipster city of Easton to check out the sights and see what new weird has bloomed downtown in the last 24 hours. But what to wear to compliment this Japanese inspired red tank from Old Navy? Why, Jasmine of course.

Enter one of my favorite treats, the Double Take Matte & Shine Duo in Jasmine by Arbonne. I am slightly obsessed with this shade for this time of year. It is pink perfection minus the cliché. Everything I am wearing in this late summer look is listed below. Enjoy!!

Please remember, if you have an Arbonne consultant please send them this post so that they can give you their own affiliate links. We are a family first, always. If not, click the links to purchase or DM me for info on discounts.

Double Take Matte & Shine Duo in Jasmine

Makeup Primer

The Real Conceal in Light

Perfecting Liquid Foundation in Neutral Beige

Starlight Glow Palette (Bronzer, Glow, Blush, Highlight)

Speak Volumes Mascara

It’s All in the Eyes Palette Volume 1 (Fog/Caraway/Desert)

It’s a Fine Line Liquid Eye Liner in Arbor

Shape it Up Brow Pencil in Light


Thank you for joining me here in this creative space. Above all else, my mission on this earth is to empower others. I write about age positive health & beauty, personal growth, entrepreneurship, my children, autoimmune disease, travel, creating music and a host of other life changing experiences. We rise by lifting others. You deserve success.

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