Bundle Codes
Bundle Codes
Bundle Codes

30 Days for January BUNDLE CODE: fr6h8PTPwgg

This is a bundle with the following contents: 
•    1 message template:
1- introduce the 30days for January w/a keyword, '30' to ask for more info. You will want to change the name from mine to yours:) 

  •  2 Time-lapsed message campaign:
1- If they send the keyword 30  this first message gives a quick overview 2- this second message comes a minute later and lets them know that there's a special right now to get 2 free gifts AND that the consultant will add them into a drawing for $150 of free products (I intend to choose the products) for 1 lucky winner. **you should adjust as you prefer**

•    Non-branded landing page: 
There is a link in the first campaign message that leads them to a more detailed landing page with 30 day info. NO links on this page that lead someone to a personal Arbonne page so you don't need to fix those. 

2023 Holiday Line Drip Bundle - q6nCp9z8Btd
(1 text inviting to get the info: keyword; holiday - 8 follow-up texts featuring info on each set, and a summary - 1 text set to follow up an hour later offering a Host Perks coupon - You can adjust as needed and make sure you change the links included so they go to your website)
12 Days of Christmas - cbWGfdPNRJf

Arbonne Collaboration for PB page - tDKPLGh98gN (30 days to Healthy Living Program, 2-Week Healthy Living GLOW UP)

Arbonne Mega Bundle - 8mC7rWKnFHN  (14 Days Healthy Habits Set, 4 Day Reset, PC Reward, PC Birthday, PC renewal)

Empower Live 2023 New Products - GRNt9tq9HPj (New Products and MTPs)

GGG ChallengezPTcghdm6Rf -(GGG - To Coach your Challengers)

Gut ReSet Landing Pagezdnkb8GTmHj  (2-week gut reset)

New PC OnboardingtPQnfb8RFm8 (PB - Arbonne NEW PC Onboarding, Arbonne EXISTING PC refresh)

Onboarding IC B6H6tj9chgc - (Get Started 1 - Prelaunch Qualifier, Get Started 4 - Practice time!, Get Started 6 - Book Strategy Call #2, Get started 5 - Post-Presentation Follow-Up, Get Started 2 - Book Practice Presentations, Get Started - Prelaunch reminders, Get Started 3 - Post a Product Testimonial, Get Started - Prelaunch, Get Started 10 - Follow-up, Get Started 7 - ATM, Get Started 8 - ATM)

Virtual Support Renewals & Rewards Landing Pages -mBwQbmrwgKH - (Preferred Client Renewal, Virtual Support - Preferred Client REWARDS, Virtual Support - Consultant Renewal)

Wellness Wednesday (no Keywords)- cNJFFQt77tw (Wellness Wednesday)

Created By Arbonne Independent Consultants