NVP Guidance

Arbonne assess every case on its own merits, and compliance cases are very fact specific. However, here is a general breakdown of other NWMing businesses, MMR and digital products:
  • A MLM business model just like Arbonne. When we review ICs who are working at other NWMing companies, we use Section 3.18 Involvement in Other Direct Selling Companies of the Arbonne Policies and Procedures to determine if there is a policy violation. Our policy allows ICs to participate in elsewhere so long as they follow the guidelines, including but not limited to, non-solicitation of Arbonne ICs, PCs and Clients, IC must create separate social media account for their other company, etc.
  • In Arbonne’s assessment of MRR, we are concerned that this business opportunity does not comply with the current state of the law, therefore Arbonne is unable to endorse, support, or condone the participation of any ICs in the promotion of MRR. The policy we use is Section 3.1 Operating with Integrity and in Compliance with Law. As an independent contractor, an IC can choose to participate in other business venture outside of Arbonne. However, to protect Arbonne’s brand, reputation, and good will, Arbonne will ask the IC to decide if the IC wants to stay with Arbonne, or continue to sell MRR, an illegal get rich quick scheme that Arbonne does not want to be affiliated with.
  • Last but not least, digital product. We are starting to see on social media that some ICs are promoting digital products on their social media platform where other ICs can see. This one is tricky and understandably confusing to some. Here are the two common scenarios that we have encountered so far:
    • Some ICs are claiming to be promoting digital products, denying that it is MRR until you reach out to the IC privately, and he/she discloses that they are indeed selling MRR. Under this circumstance, we handle it like we would any MRR case. 
    • Some ICs are claiming to be selling digital pamphlets or teaching others how to create digital pamphlets. This is where I said Arbonne assess every case on its own merits, and it is very fact specific. If an IC is selling a digital pamphlet on how to make bread from scratch, Arbonne will not have an issue with. If an IC is selling a digital pamphlet on how to be an influencer and grow your business using social media, or how to grow your team in network marketing, etc. Arbonne will have an issue with this because our policies state that Arbonne IC must provide free training to their team, and Arbonne IC cannot profit from selling training materials to other ICs. The policies we would refer to are: Section 3.9 Support and Training, Section 3.10 Independent Consultant-Created Materials and Events, and Section 3.18.1 Promotion of Non-Direct Sales Businesses.
Arbonne does not preclude an IC from participating in other business ventures so long as the IC complies with the guidelines in the Arbonne Policies and Procedures. Since compliance cases are very fact specific and the nuances can vary, I highly encourage ICs to speak to BEST with their specific questions so we can be more targeted in our response and support of the Field. 

What to say to Demotions:
Remind them that they will have the exact same organization they have now.  They aren’t losing that.  Their pay will just be reduced until they grow into it again, which is their goal anyway.  If anything, it can serve as a motivator to achieve where you want to go anyway. 😊

FROM Ashley Pitman:
This is POWERFUL & in response to Alyssa’s post a few days ago.  I was cleaning out a closet today and in very timely fashion, I found our *paper agenda* from NTC 2006 (National conference, as Arbonne was only in the US & Canada then). I have several huge takeaways I want to share: 1. Look at how few NVP’s there are compared to how many we have now.  2. Look at the proportion of NEW NVP’s that year. If you weren’t in Arbonne then, you’ve heard about the BOOM of 2005/2006, followed by a few hard years.  3. The “X” marks are people who I know aren’t NVP’s - some left and went to other companies. Some trailed away.  Many of these people I haven’t heard of at all and my guess is that MANY of them are no longer with Arbonne. I see several who I know who aren’t NVP’s anymore but who are still Consultants with Arbonne. I didn’t want to “X” out anyone who is with Arbonne…. but I did so if I know they’re not actively growing their business .  Either way, there are a LOT of faces here who are no longer with our company.  4. The leaders who stayed - look for their faces- many of them have BIG businesses.  Think of ALL OF YOU who came into Arbonne after this was printed. Many of you were in elementary school or Jr. High in 2006!  All of those people who left - they never got to experience the 30 Days to Healthy Living and ALL of the changes and progesss we’ve seen company-wide in the last 16 years with our products, packaging, technology, systems etc!  And then …. maybe there are some other leaders like ME. I was a brand new National Vice President walking the stage at this NTC in 2006. I was the youngest NVP in Arbonne’s history at that time at 24 years old (you’ll see me as Ashley Carpenter).  I promoted during the biggest year of promotions in Arbonne - can anyone relate?


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