NVP Collaboration Vault links
As an NVP  you will have access to all 3 Vaults
RVP’s have access to the RVP & Consultant Vaults
Consultants can access the Consultant Vault

Access links

Once you are a member of the Vault, you will always go to the Member log in to sign in. (Once you have registered, each member of the Vault will have their own log-in to their vault (s), so please don’t share your log-in information)  

NVP Vault access
(If you are new to the NVP Collaboration, there is an initial $100 fee and then a $50 per month fee, otherwise please just choose the $50 recurring monthly fee)

RVP Vault access
If your direct upline NVP is currently a member of the vault, there is no charge for you to be added to the vault. (If you are an RVP and your NVP is NOT a member of the vault, there is a $25 per month recurring fee)

Consultant Vault access
As a Consultant, you must have a direct upline NVP or RVP that is a current vault member to access the vault.

After registering for the vault, your consultant will receive an email confirmation, 
if they don't see it, please have them check their spam folder before contacting support@nvpcollab.com

The Consultant Vault is based on the honor system. We trust you to only share the registration link with members of your team who are eligible to join. 
Please do not share with anyone outside of your team. We rely on membership dues from our NVP community to continue to update and maintain this site. 
Thank you for being a part of the NVP Collaboration and for upholding the principles of trust, collaboration, and confidentiality.

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